Mancunian - The Greek God Beard Oil 30ml

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Our Mancunian "The Greek God" Beard Oil key fragrance is "Artemis" which is a combination of black currant, apple and bergamot, with hints a jasmine, oakmoss, topped with a sensual base of Vanilla, leaving your beard clean and soft revealing the hairs natural colour and elegance. This is a powerful scent that even the Greek Gods will respect.


All of our beard oils, handcrafted in the United Kingdom itself, are made from 100% natural, cruelty-free and premium ingredients that keep your beard bristle-free and the Atremis scent of your beard will waft throughout the air, leaving behind the subtle scent of success everywhere you go.


Product Name Story


We believe this beard oil deserves the name of a god!


Artemis is known as the goddess of the hunt and is one of the most respected of all the ancient Greek deities. It is thought that her name, and even the goddess herself, may even be pre-Greek. She was the daughter of ZEUS, king of the gods, and the Titaness Leto and she has a twin brother, the god APOLLO.


We have carefully blended Vitis Vinifera, Hemp Oil, Castor Oil, Glycerin, Cucumis Sativus, Simmondsia Chinesis, Artemis Parfum, so that the Mancunian Greek Beard Oil doesn’t just smell great, but also leaving your beard clean and soft revealing the hairs natural colour and elegance!

Smearing this facial hair moisturizer on your grill might seem elementary to the most urban groomist. Well, it’s not rocket science. On the other hand, since beard oil doesn’t come cheap, you obviously want to learn to get the most out of such an investment, and it all starts with the application process.There is more to this than just taking a dollop and spreading it across your unkempt whiskers. Follow these common steps to administer beard oil like a pro.


For best results apply daily to a clean and freshly washed beard.


Step 1: Place a small amount of oil into the palm of your hand and then distribute over the fingers of both hands. 


Step 2: Apply the oil directly under the skin of your beard to start the hydrating process at the source.


Step 3: Finally work the remaining oil through the rest of your beard and moustache.




Ditch That Itch

If your beard is dry, your skin is just as likely to be dry and itchy. By using a beard oil regularly, you'll be able to ditch that itch. As the oil wicks down your beard and penetrates your hair follicles - keeping your skin and beard well hydrated.


Key Points

1. Made in the UK
2. Distinctive Scent
3. Tames unruly beards
4. Natural ingredients


Top Ten Benefits

1. Strengthens, Increases elasticity and hydrates hair fibres
2. Promotes shine
3. Nourishes and moisturises beard and skin
4. Treats split ends
5. Helps to repair damaged beard
6. Stimulates follicles to help beard grow thicker and fast
7. Eliminates beardruff / flakes
8. Eliminates Irritation
9. Significantly reduces beard Itch (even new beards)
10. High in antimicrobial properties such as: Antiseborrheic, Antiseptic, Anti-inflammatory, Tonic, Astringent, Expectorant, Insecticide and Fungicide properties

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